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Gladesville Hornsby Football Refereesí Association Inc.
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news Appointments for 28th and 29th are now online Mon 23rd Jul-18 at 19:04
Mon 23-Jul-2018 19:04

Email appointments if there are any problems with your appointments.

Please email appointments if you would like to pick up any uncovered games. 

Isabella will be monitoring the emails and the phone during the week. Clare will have the phone on the weekend.

Tip of the week

  • There are no special rules for semi finals or championships.
  • Senior refs please check for uncovered junior semi finals and pennants to pick up and email us

Happy birthday to: Liam Fitzgerald, Robbie Ashhurst, Colin Noble, Matthew Salmon, Emilia Sellaro, Christian Santelli

news Championships Finals Series Information
Tue 17-Jul-2018 11:14

Championship Finals will be held on the following dates. If you will not be available for any of these dates, please input your unavailability as soon as possible. Immediately would be very good.

Click on MORE for information about the appointment process.

Saturday 11 August:   GHFA 10 team competition semi finals

Sunday 12 August:      NWSWF Championship Final

Saturday 18 August:    GHFA Division 2+ Championship Finals and PL / SL semi finals

Saturday 25 August:   GHFA Divison 1 Championship Final and PL / SL preliminary finals

Saturday 1 September: GHFA PL and SL finals

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