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news Ref required for Ryde zone PSSA football  Wed 15th Aug-18 at 12:39
Wed 15-Aug-2018 12:39

On Friday August 24 a referee is needed for 3 matches, 2 on smaller fields (1/3 size) and 1 on a full field. The games start at 12pm and pay is $30 per game.

Please email if interested 

news Champion of Champions Wed 15th Aug-18 at 12:28
Wed 15-Aug-2018 12:28

The next part of the football season is the Champion of Champions knock out series for division 1 teams from U12 to All Age, O35 and O45. This series commences on Sunday 16 September 2018 and runs through to the finals on Sunday 21 October 2018. Please click more to read details of this competition.

If you are interested in officiating at these games (remember these games are Division 1 games) please send an email to by Thursday 6 September 2018 to register your interest and also advise on which day(s) you are available. Games are scheduled throughout the day so we will assume that you are available all day unless you advise us differently.

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news 2 refs required for competitive games Sun19thAugust and Sun2ndSeptember Tue 14th Aug-18 at 17:24
Tue 14-Aug-2018 17:24

Barcelona FC Academy are looking for 2 refs on the following days, please email if interested.

Click more for details

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news GHFA Grand Finals and PL / SL appointments are on line Tue 14th Aug-18 at 20:19
Mon 13-Aug-2018 19:23

Grand final appointments are now online.

Please check your appointments carefully as all appointments for the remaining three weekends have been uploaded. Due to the limited number of games over the coming weekends some referees may not have been appointed however they will still be considered as available to cover late withdrawals during the week.

Congratulations to those who have secured a grand final centre.

All appointed referees should read the grand final instructions  carefully. In particular, note that you must arrive at the meeting point for your game at least 45 minutes before the game or your appointment may be re-assigned.

Parking on the day can be very challenging so you need to allow extra time for this. At Meadowbank do not park on the grass beside the road even if you see others there - Council officers are usually out in force on the day too and referees chancing it have been fined.

Tips of the week

Read Law 10 to refresh your knowledge of kicks from the penalty mark and make sure you understand the use of Temporary Dismissal and implement the procedures correctly.

Come along to the grounds early if you are interested in an extra run - each year we have a few no- shows and those on hand get the chance to pick up an extra grand final.

Craig has the phone and email duties for the weekend.

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news Championships Finals Series Information Update Tue 14th Aug-18 at 20:21
Tue 17-Jul-2018 11:14

Championship Finals will be held on the following dates. 

Appointments for the rest of the season have been uploaded.

Saturday 18 August:    GHFA Division 2+ Championship Finals and PL / SL semi finals. No division 1 games.

Saturday 25 August:   GHFA Divison 1 Championship Final and PL / SL preliminary finals

Saturday 1 September: GHFA PL and SL finals

Click on MORE for information about the appointment process.

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